About ResPig®

Respiratory disease in pigs is responsible for economic losses in the swine industry worldwide. Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex (PRDC) is caused by the interaction of many pathogens and management factors. This makes PRDC a complicated syndrome to analyze and making the correct decisions for control can be difficult.

MSD Animal Health is very active in PRDC prevention and control, providing highly effective vaccines, pharmaceutical specialities, good technical support and specific equipment diagnostic tools. MSD Animal Health has grouped all its activities in swine respiratory health under the ResPig brand name. MSD Animal Health created the ResPig Farm Audit and Economic Simulator as an aid for veterinarians to analyze PRDC and make decisions on the control of PRDC. Both are integrated in the ResPig Tool.

ResPig® Farm Audit

The ResPig Farm Audit is for the analysis of PRDC on a farm. Via a scoring system risk factors are highlighted and indicators are identified, these determine which pathogens are possible causative agents.
Additional laboratory data complete the audit information resulting in a score for each pathogen audited. The score, on a scale of 0 to 3, can be linked to a severity level of the disease (either No (not present); Moderate; Considerable or Severe).

The ResPig® Economic Simulator

The Economic Simulator is developed for making economic calculations on the possible effects of specific vaccination schemes that can be implemented on a farm to reduce economic losses due to respiratory diseases. Depending on different severity levels of different pathogens the effect of each intervention strategy is calculated.

The simulations made are based on scientific field data. Based on these general data an expected economic effect is calculated based on farm specific input.

This part of the website is restricted to veterinarians working together with MSD Animal Health towards the control of PRDC using the ResPig approach. Access permission is granted by MSD Animal Health staff. Via the tool the veterinarian has access to the farm auditing, diagnostic information and the full economic calculation model.
Select ResPig Audit Tool if you are a registered ResPig veterinarian.
All website visitors can view the demo version of the ResPig Audit Tool and the demo version of the Economic Simulator.


MSD Animal Health provides vets with a technical partnership in the ever changing battle against Porcine Respiratory Disease Complex (PRDC).